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About Kalonopia

"Kalon" - beauty that is more than skin deep

"Opia" - the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

Kalon + Opia

Here at Kalonopia Collective, we seek to examine the human experience through visual perspectives. As a nonprofit literary collective, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of visually impaired writers. We want the sensory, unblinking work that stares back into our eyes and offers a multi-dimensional human experience. We want your beautiful eye-to-eye conversations that are more than skin deep. 

Kalonopia is a supportive community that encourages visually impaired writers of all ages to submit poetry, fiction, nonfiction, plays and more. That being said, we welcome ALL writers to submit works, as long as it relates to the visual experience, visual impairment, or blindness. Works should not have discriminatory, abusive, or prejudiced content under any circumstances. 

Kalonopia is a production by I-CREATE YOUTH, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading creative writing education, resources, and opportunities to K-12 students with visually impairments of any degree. Check out the I-CREATE YOUTH website for more details. 

Our Team

Jessica K. (Managing Editor)

Thee Sim Ling (Managing Editor)

Isabel Yang (Managing Editor)

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