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We welcome EVERYONE to submit, but especially encourage visually impaired youth writers. All submissions made by non-visually-impaired writers should significantly explore the concept of vision. Visually impaired writers are free to submit work with any theme. We have NO tolerance for any type of abusive, discriminatory, prejudiced, or ableist work.  

We are open to previously published work, as well as multiple and simultaneous submissions. While we do not require a formal cover letter, a description of your work and how it exemplifies our mission is encouraged. If you are a visually impaired writer, do indicate that as well. A short third-person biography is encouraged but not required. Please send all submissions to


All ​​rights to your work stay with you at all times. That being said, should your work be published elsewhere, we ask you to credit Kalonopia. 


1. Subject line: Genre - Submission (ex. Poetry - Submission)

2. Only ONE piece of work per email. If you want to submit 5 poems, send them as 5 separate emails. All works can be pasted into the body of the email or sent as an attachment.

3. We understand that specific font types and sizes are necessary​ for some visually impaired writers; we do not require a specific font size or type.

4. Audio recordings of written works are also encouraged (you may send this upon acceptance)



Please send 1-5 poems. Poetry should be single spaced. Spoken word poetry is also welcomed, but please provide a written version of the performance as well. ​

PROSE: Please send 1-3 works of fiction or nonfiction under 2,000 words each. This includes short stories, microfic/nonfic, memoir, reviews, articles, etc.


Please send 1-3 one-act plays under 10 pages each. 


If you have any work which does not fit the above categories, please inquire about your submission at We are open to hybrid submissions (ex. blackout poetry, prose-poetry, and more) and more.

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