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RETURN by Annick Yerem

What I´m asking of this world:

to drown my sorrows in hailstorms

to offer me grace and petals and connections

to carry kindnesses and clear-cut hope

to lay sleeping puppies on my doorstep

to feed the lingering absence

too much

We are not in this together, never were

Your castle trip (a sight for sore eyes),

made sure you made a profit

out of us, selling tarred souls

you never believed in

But people bleed their bones dry

over masks and mayhem,

they think of myriad ways to hurt each

other, hurt themselves, this much

is true, this much is sad and true


When the world went quiet, it started

speaking to me, I became greedy for it,

watching new days unfurl, brazen

tentacles reaching out to everyone &

thing that had been out of reach

Doors opened, birds sang, wild things

bloomed. I admired the flowers, admired

myself for the first time in years, swung sky-high

into clouds that did not rain on my parade

My belief in all of this, in spite of all of that

One by one doors are closing

again, no access, no way to go

I return to a marooned land,

the parallel universe of

a screen filled with every life

but my own

RETURN has been previously published as part of @theopencollab performance on YouTube (


Annick Yerem lives and works in Berlin. She tweets @missyerem and has, to her utmost delight, been published by Pendemic, Detritus, @publicpoetry, RiverMouthReview, #PoetRhy, Anti-Heroin-Chic, Rejection Letters, Dreich, 192, Eat The Storms podcast, The Failure Baler, Rainbow Poems, Wombwell Rainbow and Open Collab. Annick is currently working on her first chapbook with Hedgehog Press.

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