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DESCENT by Paula Knight

Of all the shooting stars above

they have no luck to spare

They burnt it up in blazing lights

while hurtling through the air

But I will take the harvest moon

hanging low and bright,

and borrow from its gravity

to help me stay upright

The meteors lay scattered –

shattered, scorched and spent

I pick them up to build a cairn

to mark their sharp descent

I stay awhile to contemplate

their transient display

Then turn my back to face the moon

and let it light my way

Read by Katie Ash


Paula Knight is an author, former illustrator and comics creator. An extract of her graphic memoir, The Facts of Life (Myriad 2017), was shortlisted in Myriad’s inaugural First Graphic Novel Competition. She has worked extensively as a children’s illustrator and has written three children's picture books. Her poetry has been published at Wordgathering, and a poem took third place in the World Curlew Day Poetry Competition. No longer able to draw due to severe energy impairment disability, she sought new creative mediums. Her work explores chronic illness, the natural world and her exile from it. Website: Twitter: @Paula_JKnight IG: @paulajkstudio

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